About Me

I am a software engineer who loves solving product and technical challenges, and ultimately shipping software projects, all the way over the line. I have extensive experience working in industries such as banking, e-health, logistics, integration, internet services and mobility in the role of software architect or senior developer.

Need help?

Hire me, I can help with difficult problems, an external view on a new idea or project? Perhaps you would like to build a technology proof of concept before investing more? My tools of choice are Scala, Akka, Playframework, Kafka, Docker, Go, CI & CD or Kubernetes

Get in touch or book a session with me on https://calendly.com/hungai.

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A typical contract is for 1 month of work. I am normally booked 1 to 3 months in advance.

I’m open to shorter contracts, but prefer longer ones. For a shorter contract, we’ll divide my monthly rate by the number of days you want, and add a small amount of overhead.